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Tsukasa Aoi is a strict teacher with students from the first days of taking the class, but even though she is strict, she still has moments of gentle advice to help them understand the problem better. But you all know that when I was in school, there were always troublesome people in every class who refused to listen. In the same class that Tsukasa Aoi was in, there was a rash young man who always went against her words. Suddenly one day after class, she told the male student to stay and meet her alone, but instead of scolding, she gently sexualized this young man. She had tried many times to advise and admonish her, so now she only had this way to watch. If the male student is willing to change, if he becomes more obedient he will be able to have sex with her and from then on he listens to her without arguing and obediently follows her instructions. Hope you guys have fun watching the movie :D

SSNI-889 The young man was disruptive and did it for the first time
 Movie Code: SSNI-889 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tsukasa Aoi